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Futurist Enterprises
We offer standard and customized training services covering a broad range of Futurist Enterprises topics.

Futurist Enterprises  is a special Prestige Economics training and research offering. It is focused on preparing businesses and enterprises to incorporate futurist thinking and strategies to identify how technology, innovation, and trends impact business, the economy, financial markets, supply chain, global debt, foreign exchange rates, inflation, interest rates, energy markets, agricultural commodity markets, and industrial metals.

Futurist Enterprises   training, courses, presentations, and discussions include futurist frameworks, analysis, and research focus on how technology, innovation, and trends impact economics, financial market, energy, supply chain, basic and industrial materials, agricultural materials, and other critical economic inputs and markets. 

To learn more about how our Futurist Enterprises  training, research, and consulting services can help your business or enterprise prepare for the future of business, finance, and economics, contact us.

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